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Luxe Linen 3 Piece Set

Luxe Linen 3 Piece Set

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Introducing our "Luxe Linen 3-Piece Set" a versatile and elegant ensemble featuring a top, pants, and a flowy wrap-around waist accessory. Crafted from premium linen, this set effortlessly combines timeless style with exceptional comfort.

🌸 Chic Versatility: Ideal for any occasion, this set seamlessly transitions from casual to formal wear.

🌿 Breathable Linen: Enjoy the airy comfort of high-quality linen, ensuring you stay cool and relaxed all day.

🌟 Mix and Match: Create a variety of captivating looks by mixing and matching the top, pants, and wrap-around waist for added versatility.

🌞 Boho-inspired: Intricate details and a touch of free-spirited charm elevate your style effortlessly.

Experience Timeless Elegance with the "Luxe Linen 3-Piece Set" Whether you're attending an event or enhancing your everyday look, this ensemble combines classic fashion with modern comfort for a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Care Instructions

Cold Machine Wash: Use cold water and mild detergent.
Gentle Cycle: Choose a delicate cycle.
Turn Inside Out: Reverse the garments to reduce abrasion.
Air Dry Preferred: Hang or lay flat to dry.
Low Heat Ironing: Iron on low to medium heat if needed.


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